I’m Sian Richardson.
I’m a Graphic Designer, a Kiwi, and a rule-breaker. 

I'm from New Zealand, I've spent some time in Australia, and now i'm living it up in Canada.

I work with game-changing entrepreneurs and next-level thinkers to help them bring their ideas to life. I’m motivated by the need to explore innovation & push the boundaries of what's expected.


Whether it's through one-on-one design projects with my clients, through eBooks or products I create, or through my blog posts and things I write, it's my mission to get people to just be themselves. 

We're constantly comparing ourselves to other people who have bigger audiences, make more money, and do things better than we do. 

But here's the deal — it's not about being bigger or better than anyone else. It's about bringing everything you've got to the table to create something you're proud of, that's unique to you.

The Vibe Manifesto

The Vibe Manifesto.png