Who runs this show?

Kia Ora! I'm Sian Richardson.
Designer. New Zealander. Rule-Breaker.


Once upon a less-than-awesome time, I worked in an office 9-5 as a graphic designer.

My day-to-day projects were a mashup of snooze-worthy deliverables: car decals, banners for banks, casino promotions… yawn.

Before long, it hit me: I was not cut out for cubicle nation. I spent most of my days staring out the window at the beautiful sunshine of Sydney, Australia (where I’d moved to start my career), and a whole country waiting to be explored.

Why the hell was I locked inside for 80% of the week, designing pieces that weren’t exactly fulfilling.

There had to be another way.

Deep in my soul, I knew my desk job couldn’t fulfill me. I wanted to do work that meant something. Adventure. A life on my own terms.

Fortunately, I was running a travel blog on my life in Sydney at the time, and meeting fellow online folk over social media. I began collab-ing on design projects, which eventually turned into paid gigs, and client requests pouring into my inbox.

For 6 months, I was a double agent.

By day, I was just another 9-5er fighting to stay awake at my desk. By nights + weekends, I hustled my little freelance ass off.

Word (thankfully) travels fast. Soon enough, I walked away from my soul-sucking job for a full-time solo gig… and never looked back.

These days you'll find me laptop in hand, soaking in the life of travel & freedom I’d daydreamed about. I've spent the last few years jumping around between Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Where next? Only time (and the travel bug) will tell.

So, have I achieved my perfect work/life balance? Nah. Think of it more as a work/life jam sesh. One always compliments the other - and I love every second.

Nowadays, I work with badass business owners with BIG ideas.

I’m proud to say creatives, health coaches, life coaches, authors, photographers, and other groundbreakers walk through my digital doors on the reg.

Their world-changing work is a massive inspiration, and with every project, I find fresh ways to bring their personality, truth, and message to the screen.

It rocks. Hard.

I’m so stoked and grateful to live such a kickass life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Now it's your turn... Hit me up and say Hello!